What to Consider For Your Home Network

Whether you work from home or your family simply uses your internet for personal use, having a reliable home network is important. Your home network should provide the digital security and wifi coverage you need. At Shade Tree AV, we build customized home networks to ensure every client has their digital needs met. Our process always starts with a home network evaluation to see how your current network needs to be improved. 

Our Considerations During a Home Network Evaluation

  • Password and Credential Security–Think of your passwords as a wall of protection to keep hackers or malware away from your personal information, data, and network. More than 90% of American internet users say they are worried about their password security. Are you concerned about your digital security? We can evaluate your current security measures and make recommendations to safeguard your personal information.
  • Hardwiring as Much as Possible–A solid home network should have a reliable wifi network, but still use hardwiring whenever possible. Hardwiring ethernet connections can deliver greater speed than wifi. In some cases, hardwiring ethernet connections deliver at three times the speed. If you have desktop computers or entertainment systems using the internet, hardwiring will be a good option in those locations.
  • Wifi from Access Points rather than Modem/Router Combo–Have you ever noticed your internet connection being weaker when you are not close to your router? A router is designed to form a local area network (LAN) between all of your devices and provide internet. Unfortunately, proximity to your router can determine the quality of your connection. If your router is in your upstairs office and you try to stream a television show from your basement game room, you may suffer from lagging speed. Access points are created by hardwiring a device called an access point to your router that can become a portal for your devices to interact with your router. The access points can be placed in strategic places around your home to ensure that your connectivity and speed are consistent throughout. Access points will improve your network range, speed, and connection.
  • Adequate Wifi Coverage–One benefit of wifi coverage is the ability to access the internet regardless of where you are in your home. Your wifi coverage should be decent throughout your home, so your family can utilize their devices as desired. We can evaluate your current wifi strength and speed to see if there are opportunities for improvement.
  • Legacy Device Elimination–When you choose Shade Tree AV, we can evaluate your home network to ensure that you are not using outdated, discontinued, or unsecured devices. Older devices may be more easily compromised. They also may deliver slower speeds and limit energy efficiency. Our team can help you get your network up to the speed and performance your family needs.

If you are ready to improve your home network, reach out to Shade Tree AV. We can build a customized solution to accommodate your family’s digital needs.