What Are The Benefits Of Home Automation?

Using home automation is more than just staying on the forefront of technology. Home automation improves the comfort of your family, maximizes the safety of your house, optimizes your energy efficiency, and minimizes your efforts. Shadetree AV builds customized home automation systems to cater to each client’s specific needs. We create intuitive and easy to access programs, so your system is simple to operate. Not sure what you need? There are a variety of options available to personalize your home automation.

What is Home Automation?

A home automation system manages and controls all of your electronic devices. Settings can be customized based upon your schedule or you can manage your devices remotely. For example, you can use an app on your phone to notify your system to begin cooling your house when you leave work. This allows you to come home to a comfortable temperature without wasting energy cooling your home while you are away. This feature works remarkably well if you have a consistent work schedule. 

Benefits of Home Automation

  • Energy Savings– Whether controlling remotely or operating on a schedule, your family’s comfort will not be sacrificed to save money when you are using home automation. Depending on your HVAC system, you can even customize your thermostat controls for different zones of your home to accommodate each family member’s preferences. Automating your HVAC system will save money and energy by eliminating unnecessary heating or cooling.
  • Security–If you have a security system paired with your home automation, you can monitor your home remotely using your cell phone. Although the app will notify you if there is a security concern, you have the ability to check for yourself at any time. Security cameras can be installed inside and outside of your home depending on your specific needs. There are automation options that include the ability for your security cameras to trigger sirens in your home for added security. 
  • Access–Beyond security, monitoring with home automation can also be helpful for pet owners if they desire to check on their furry friends while they are away. In fact, the cameras can be accessed and pan around as needed, checking on things while you are away. In addition, door controls can also be part of your home automation. Think of it, instead of having to leave a key for the cleaning lady or your dog walker, you can remotely grant them access when they arrive. If you have children, you can unlock the house remotely when they return home from school. Not only will you keep your children from having to keep up with a key, but you can also verify they are home safely through your home automation system.
  • Ambience–Finally, the light fixtures and sound systems in your home can be included. Instead of getting up from bed to make sure the kids turned out their lights for the night, you can do it from your app. Additionally, you can schedule your sound system to play your favorite tunes when you come down for your morning cup of coffee. You can even create a timeframe for your lighting to dim for the evening and ease your mind with relaxing music. 

There are many possibilities for simplifying and improving your life through home automation. The benefits of home automations are vast and continue to increase daily. Schedule a consultation with Shadetree AV to start creating the ideal home automation experience for your family.