Surround Sound and Video (Why You Should Hire a Professional)

Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite song, whether you’re in the kitchen cooking or getting work done in your home office? What about that Netflix show or sports game? Well, that is where surround sound and video can come into play. You may be tempted to wire up home audio and video connection yourself. But you can save yourself time, and a headache, by allowing a professional to handle the installation of home audio systems, home video distribution systems, and any custom home automation. 

Still not convinced? Check out these reasons you should hire a team like ShadeTree AV to handle your home or business automation, video, and audio installations. 

Receive the Best Guidance 

Whether you want video access to an automated security system or smart home automation to play your songs or video whenever you wish seamlessly, you want to ensure you get the best guidance. A professional that handles home automation installation services can ensure that you’re getting what you need. They can provide the best advice on equipment, so you aren’t buying things you think you need if you do the job independently and save you the time. Home video and audio installation can be tricky, and having someone there to take care of the ins and outs can make the process much less stressful. 

Get the Job Done Correctly — The First Time 

Let’s say that you want a touch screen panel in a few places in your home that allows you to control the audio of your streaming music and your home theater. So, you get all the materials you need and get to work. However, you mistakenly installed some equipment incorrectly and discovered that you need to do a costly repair to fix the errors. An experienced professional can handle the installation right and get it done the first time correctly. 

Decrease Clutter

Technology can become cluttered very quickly. It can be hard to keep everything organized, from Blu-ray discs to various wires. You want your home audio and video to serve the purpose of entertaining you or securing your home while also looking neat. A professional home automation installer can work with you to ensure that your systems have a tidy setup so that you can feel good about your surround sound and video system. 

Are you thinking of taking on this task on your own? You don’t have to! Allow the team at ShadeTree AV to help and assist with your home automation design for sound and video. Call us at 404-905-1197 to schedule a consultation today.