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Complete System Design And Engineering For Home Automation In Atlanta, GA

At Shade Tree AV, the system design and engineering phase is the most important step in any home automation system. In this step, we work with our customers in Atlanta, GA, to determine the functions and features they need in their home automation system.

For most of our customers, the system design and engineering step is also the most exciting and eye-opening part. We share with our customers how we can integrate home audio, video, lighting, security, and network all into one simple, easy-to-use system. We use the Control4 system, which includes the use of touchscreens, remotes, tablets, and smartphones to control different home systems.

Attention to Detail

From large estates to smaller homes throughout Atlanta, GA, our team of designers and engineers treats every project as a priority. We take the time to consider your current and future needs, so we can create our system design and engineering plan to incorporate the latest in state-of-the-art technology and features.

Next, we review the plan with our customers, adding any additional features or making changes to accommodate their goals. Once this is completed, we begin the installation process.

We do not start installing or recommending systems and products until we fully understand what our customers need in terms of security, audio systems, video distribution controls, or management of lighting throughout the home.

To discuss your home automation plans and goals, call the team at Shade Tree AV. We are here to help you bring those goals to life. Get in touch today at 404-882-5546 for more information.

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