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The Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless technology create the potential to control home systems, such as heating, cooling, and lighting, using video, audio, and security systems in one convenient dashboard control. Utilizing these systems and technologies starts with having the right network and connections in your home.

At Shade Tree AV, we are the leading network design and implementation providers throughout the Atlanta, GA, area. We work to design and install the networks that you need to run your smart home without problems with bandwidth, performance, or connectivity issues.

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Our network security design and implementation services are customized to the specific connections and internet access that your home and family need. The connectivity depends on the number of services and systems in your home, from wireless or wired security to multiple streaming video devices and home office equipment.

The more your home uses smart home technology, the more critical it is to have the correct network design and implementation for optimal performance and connectivity.

We begin by understanding your internet and technology needs, including what internet resources are being used by the home in smart home technology, entertainment usage, or home business operation. Based on your needs and the future integration of technology in your home, we design and install the network and connections to support your indoor and outdoor network services needs.

To discuss your needs for network security design and implementation in Atlanta, GA, call the Shade Tree AV team at 404-882-5546.

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