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The Best Custom Distributed Video System For Your Atlanta, GA, Home

Finding space for all the equipment to run a television is a common challenge for homeowners. While things are changing with the introduction of smart TVs, there is still the need for controls, boxes, and other equipment for most television sets in the home.

At Shade Tree AV, we offer an integrated home video distribution system for your Atlanta, GA, home. This is a complete home system that allows you to control all aspects of your smart home features, including videos and streaming services, from central touchscreen panels, tablets, remotes, or even your smartphone.

The Benefits of a Distributed Video System for Homes in Atlanta, GA

A distributed video system from Shade Tree AV will reduce the space needed for television equipment, including eliminating the need for annoying and unsightly cords on the walls, while providing continuous access to video and streaming services throughout your home.

By integrating the home video distribution system with our whole home technology, our clients have increased security, comfort, and peace of mind in knowing they have control of their home systems at the tip of their fingers.

Providing the top level of technology and customer service for every project, Shade Tree AV is the leading provider of distributed video systems in the city and the surrounding area. To schedule an appointment to talk about automation in your home, call us today at 404-882-5546 to learn about our affordable and customized home solutions.

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