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Increased Comfort, Security, And Home Efficiency With Smart Home Lighting Control

Residential in-home and outdoor lighting add more than just ambiance and style. They are also for safety and security. Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, turn to the experts at Shade Tree AV to install smart lighting control systems in their homes.

A smart home lighting system uses technology to control lights throughout the house and on the exterior of the home from a touchscreen or internet-connected device. This smart home lighting control is at the tips of your fingers, and the screens can be used to turn lights on and off, adjust the brightness of ambient lighting, and even customize lighting for different times of the day and various areas of the home.

The Benefits to Whole House Smart Lighting

Adding home automation lighting control means never having to walk into a dark room or a dark home and fumble for the light switch. Having the security, safety, and peace of mind by remotely turning on lights is essential for many families.

In addition to these critical factors, smart lighting control systems for homes in Atlanta, GA, are also more effective than traditional home lighting. Homeowners can turn off lights in rooms not in use, even if they are outside of the home. This means never having to worry about accidentally leaving lights on while you are at work or out of town.

For small and large home lighting automation projects, call on the experts at Shade Tree AV. To get started with your home lighting project, call us today at 404-882-5546.

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