Outdoor Automation

From a simple family dinner to a barbecue with friends, an outdoor entertaining space can be a wonderful opportunity for making memories. Automation inside of your home improves your space for entertaining, so have you considered outdoor automation? Many of the automation options for the inside of your home can be applied to your outdoor spaces as well. At Shade Tree AV, we are committed to optimizing your home and simplifying your life. Consider the amazing possibilities of using automation from the comfort of your deck or outdoor patio.

Watch the Big Game From the Great Outdoors — Your typical television is not outfitted to survive outdoor weather conditions. There are outdoor TVs and speaker systems designed to function properly on bright sunny days and on wet rainy days. An outdoor TV is weatherproof, glare-free, and temperature controlled, ensuring that the TV will not be damaged by inclement weather. We can help install your outdoor TV and speaker system, so your patio becomes the place to be on game day.

Enjoy your Favorite Music Outside — Whether you are setting the mood for your dinner party, playing on the backyard playground, or lounging by your pool, you can enjoy your music through a quality outdoor audio system. Outdoor speakers are weatherproof and durable. We can install a series of speakers discreetly throughout your outdoor space to ensure you can hear and control your playlist from anywhere in your backyard. The sound experience is consistent, and you will never have to worry about unpleasant loud spots. Also, we can direct the speakers so you will not make enemies with your neighbors while listening to your favorite songs.

Light up your Space — Whether you are adding decorative lighting along your walk paths and patio or lighting to showcase the architecture of your home, automated lights will take your home’s exterior to the next level. You can customize your lighting to create a visual light experience for guests or simply turn off all the outdoor lights after your party is over with a click of a button. Outdoor lighting can be helpful for highlighting safe walking, allowing outdoor parties after dark, improving your curb appeal, and so much more.

Take your Office Outside — With more and more people working from home, having reliable WIFI is more important than ever. If your networking capabilities do not reach outside, you could be missing out on a sunny place to work. We can help add an access point to give you a reliable connection inside and outside of your home. You can get your work done and a tan at the same time when you have a reliable outdoor network.

If you are ready to automate your backyard, reach out to Shade Tree AV. We can help you maximize your outdoor space with a click.