Enhance your Security with Smart Lighting

survey of burglars revealed that lights on in a home could be a natural deterrent to breaking into a home. However, there is a specific way that lighting can secure your home. According to an NPR article, leaving your lights on 24/7 can attract attention from burglars

A better alternative is using a smart home lighting system and combining this with an automated security system. These systems allow you to install lights to control lighting from afar and mimic what would happen if you were there. 

How else can home automation lighting control improve your security systems? 

Control Lights Remotely 

A great way to add to the security of your home is by adding some randomness to your lighting so that it looks like someone is home. One of the best ways to do that is by controlling your lights from another location. 

Many smart bulbs and lighting systems allow you to turn your lights on and off from another site. This feature can allow you to not only guarantee that your lights are on if you’re arriving at home at night but mislead burglars to think someone is there. 

Schedule Lights to Follow Your Routines 

Did you know that your lights can follow a specific routine? Well, they can. Light scheduling can be a component of your home automation design. You can set your lights to follow your daily activities. For example, let’s say you want to ensure you aren’t walking through a dark house in the morning. 

You can program your lights to turn on when you wake up. On the other hand, maybe you always go to your basement before bed to check to make sure the door is locked; you can program your lights to turn on in this area. Doing this can deter burglars because you are automatically controlling the lights leading them to believe someone is there. 

Set a Timer for Your Lights 

No one wants to enter a dark home, especially if you arrive at night. You want to be able to see into your home before you move into it. One of the best ways to do that is to set up a timer for your lights to come on. For example, let’s say that you come home from work each day at 6:00 p.m. Timed lights can be part of your home automation design. If you have a home with many rooms, you can make sure all your lights come on at a specific time, so you don’t have to venture into a dark room. 

Connect Lights to Motion Sensors 

You can also connect the exterior lights to a home video distribution system. If you’ve set up a security video outside your home, you can set up a motion sensor system that triggers it to take footage if someone interacts with the motion sensors on your property.

Additionally, this action can also trigger your lights to come on. This situation can immediately discourage a robber from wanting to pursue coming into your home. 

Lights are an excellent way to protect your home further. Nevertheless, it helps to have the right smart home automation system to accomplish this. Fortunately, the team at ShadeTree AV can work with you to make sure your lighting supports your security systems needs. If you need home automation installation services, schedule a consultation with us today.