Benefits of Light Automation

Light automation can be used to simplify your life and customize your home. Smart lighting can do more than just save you a trip to flip a switch. You can customize your home’s lighting to create ambience and accommodate your schedule. The Shade Tree AV team can optimize your lighting automation to fit your specific needs.

How Light Automation Improves your Home

  • Build a Consistent Schedule–Can you imagine waking up to gradual lighting in your bedroom? Turning on the lights gradually is a gentle and natural way to wake up. Smart lighting is not limited to early morning wakeups. You can also choose to dim your lights to prepare your family for bedtime in the evening. Think of it! Your children may recognize dimming lights as a thirty minute warning before bedtime. Turning lights off can also be scheduled with your light automation app, making your bedtime routine seamless. A consistent light routine can also be welcoming when you return home from work to a well-lit home. 
  • Control the Ambience–Dimming lights can create a soothing environment to start the day or a romantic vibe for your evening. Although smart light bulbs can be problematic with existing dimmer switches, they can be controlled easily using your app. You can control the brightness manually from your phone or set up a consistent dimming schedule. Lighting has a significant impact on the feel and mood in your space, so let light automation set the right vibe. 
  • Save Energy–Having lights on when you do not need them wastes money and energy. Did you know that by using light automation, you can set up a schedule to only have your lights on when you need them? You can even customize your schedule to reflect your different weekday and weekend schedules. If you need to adjust your light automation manually, you can do it from your app remotely, whether you are lying in bed or away at work. Light automation also saves energy by helping you avoid leaving on the lights. Instead of walking throughout your house looking for switches left on, you can click them off from bed. Light automation saves energy, money, and your efforts. 
  • Enhance Security–Whether you are away overnight for work or on a family vacation for a week, you should feel confident in the safety of your home. Light automation can be an additional part of your security plan. Although a security system is still a good solution, light automation can be a deterrent for home intruders. A well-lit home will appear occupied and make it harder for intruders to hide. You can have your home continue to follow your normal lighting schedule or you can adjust it manually to make it seem more like you are home.

Light automation is an easy way to improve the comfort and function of your home. Schedule a consultation with our Shade Tree AV team to imagine the possibilities for your lights!